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How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

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How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Posted on 29 March 2012 by admin

Sexy Ways on How to Spice Up Your Sex LifeHow to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Do you have a problem with your sex life? Do you think that you and your lover are going through a sexual rut? Is your sex life as interesting as it was when you and your partner first met? Do you want to turn back the hands of time when you and your partner are having the best sex in your life? Do you want to know the trick on how to spice up your sex life? At the end of this article, you will find out all the answers to these questions.

Sometimes sex becomes boring even if the couple has been together for several years. This really happens in any marriage. You must understand that sex is vital in any relationship. Sex does not only provide you with bodily pleasure, but it also strengthens your relationship, particularly in emotional aspect. Sex is a means of expressing yourself in an intimate way. It is a way of expressing how much you love your partner and how you care about him or her. But, for some couples, sex is overshadowed by other everyday basic needs of a person in life such as work, money, bills, etc. If your relationship as a couple is starting to weaken, you better act now and find out how to spice up your sex life effectively.

One of the things that you can do to improve your sex life is to play games with your partner in the bedroom. This shows you how to spice up your sex life by means of playing games like strip poker or naked twister. Any game can be played as long as it can really fire up your mood in bed. Playing games allow you to get into foreplay which you both need to ignite your sex drive. It does not only teach you how to spice up your sex life but it is also somewhat fun and exciting.

The next thing that you should know on how to spice up your sex life is to try different places to have sex and also try various sex positions and styles. Adding new positions each time you have sex with your partner will really add more fun and excitement to your sex life. You may do the lovemaking session in the bathroom, in the kitchen, living room, garage, or stairways. You should also try to do a quickie in a motel or hotel. These are only some of the ways on how to spice up your sex life.

Other ways on how to spice up your sex life is to use sex toys or watch adult movies. It would also be helpful if you try to do something extraordinary. Why not go out of town and spend a lovemaking session with your partner in a very unusual place. You must also set a special occasion just for having sex. This will really keep your sex life from burning hot and break the monotony in your sex encounter with your lover. All of these are only a few of the things that you have to consider on how to spice up your sex life.

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Secrets to Wild Sex

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Secrets to Wild Sex

Posted on 22 March 2012 by admin

10 Secrets to Wild Sex

Whether you are a sex-pert or a bedroom novice, this guide is sure to unveil the best secrets for a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life. Learn the tools you need (or may be missing) that could dramatically change or improve your love life and leave your partner a gasp with pleasure. This comprehensive guide, 10 Secrets to Wild Sex, clearly covers how to “read” a woman’s body, busts 6 common sex myths that may be leaving your sex life empty, explores the art of female arousal, and outlines how to get creative with foreplay.


Discover 10 Secrets to Wild SexDivided into 3 parts, 10 Secrets to Wild Sex, offers you informative, honest, and descriptive advice that will stimulate a wilder and more fulfilling bedroom (or other location), experience. In part 1, common myths will be disproved. You may have heard that women like it big—penis that is—but biology gives a bigger advantage to the average sized man. Find out why you may have the lead in this department. You may have also heard, “it not size that matters, but how he uses it.” Your ultimate goal in the skill department is to bring her a deep and satisfying orgasm. How hard could that be, right? A woman’s orgasm is just like a man’s orgasm, right? WRONG! Learn how to activate a woman’s imagination that will transport her mind and body to a relaxed and open state. Never again worry that a woman will fake an orgasm with this guide of secrets. Use your new found knowledge to bust another myth that women take longer to orgasm than men. You may even find that she wants to slow down and make the experience last.


In part 2, this guide of 10 Secrets to Wild Sex will discuss the stages of female arousal. Understanding how a woman’s body transitions for un-aroused to complete arousal and then orgasm gives you the power to fulfill her desires as well as yours. Did you know that a woman’s body temperature increases, her nipples become hard and erect, and her clitoris becomes swollen and larger when fully aroused? These are just a few examples of what you will learn with this guide. In order for a woman to experience a deeper sense of pleasure during orgasm her vagina will need to become darker in color. Find our why this is key to meeting your partner’s wildest dreams.

Part 3 provides an overview of successful techniques to influence a woman’s libido, invite excitement, and master the delicate technique of foreplay. You can’t truly expect a woman to open herself up and explore her wild side without good reason. From massage, to toys, to partial penetration, part 3 covers all the details you need to know that will ensure a devoted and happy partner. Spice up your sex life or improve your current relationship by exploring a variety of these techniques together. Trying something new brings a renewed sense of energy and excitement for sex.


Earn a reputation as a master of sex once you read this guide on 10 Secrets to Wild Sex. Your partner will giggle for days and make her crave your touch, your skill, and your body. This guide to wild sex offers practised and researched information that will not disappoint. Infuse your love making with passion and of course, orgasm!

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How to be More Romantic

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How to be More Romantic

Posted on 18 March 2012 by Sweet an Spicy Admin

How to be More Romantic with Your Partner

Being in a healthy relationship requires continuous efforts to be more romantic and making each other feels appreciated and loved. Like many people, you might only feel inclinedto be romantic during special occasions like your wedding anniversary, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day.  But the truth is that for a relationshipto be successful, couples must find simple waysto show their appreciation for each other on a daily basis.How to be more romantic with your partner You might be wondering how to be more romantic? What are the best romantic ideas that can leave your partner thinking how lucky he or she is for having you?  Here are 5 easy tips on how to be more romantic with your partner.  

1) Give plenty of attention to your other half

Good communication is always key in a relationship. Listen to what your partner is saying and show interest in what he or she is doing.  Remember, you are the most important person in your partner’s life and he or she should be able to tell you their deepest thoughts and share their most intimate secrets with you.  Don’t be afraid to express your feelings and say things like “I love you” or “I am thinking of you” to your partner.  This will make him/her feel valued and loved.  

 2) Plan a romantic date

This is particularly important for couples who have been together for a long time.  Between raising children, holding down a job and looking after a home, romance can be the last thing on the agenda and is often relegated to the bottom of the list of priorities!   But like everything else in life “if you don’t use it, you lose it”.  So, make an effort to plan a “date night” at least once a week.  It could be something as simple as giving each other an oil massage, sharing a hot bath, watching a video whilst cuddling on the sofa or having a candlelit dinner at your favourite restaurant.  It can be anything, as long as it is an activity that you both enjoy, so you are only limited here by your imagination!  

3) Do something romantic every day

Don’t neglect simple gestures such as kissing each other goodbye when leaving the home or before going to sleep.  Phone each other several times during the day and build up the excitement about the evening ahead.  Give each other little surprises like a short poem or place a love note in each other’s pocket or on the bedside table. When watching television, cuddle up next to each other on the sofa and hold hands. Often, you don’t have to do great gestures to enjoy the best romantic moments.  

4) Spend quality time together

Although this might sound obvious, as a couple you need to spend quality timetogether.  This often means time away from the children and from the home.  On your “date night” ask a relative or book a babysitter to look after your children so that you and your partner can spend time alone without interruptions.  

5) Keep up a good sex life.

Sex is important to a relationship as it helps couples to stay emotionally connected.  Make it your priority to leave some free time in your busy schedule to have fulfilling and gratifying sex with your partner. Becoming more romantic to your partner will strengthen your relationship.  However, if one of you is not the “romantic type” it can be a little hard. Remember, you don’t have to do all things at once.  Start doing little things like hugging or kissing. Prepare breakfast or dinner.  Doing these romantic gestures will show your partner that you want him/her to feel secure of your love.

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How to a Have Better Sex Life

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How to a Have Better Sex Life

Posted on 29 February 2012 by admin

How to a Have Better Sex Life in 4 Easy Steps?How to a Have Better Sex Life

Do you want to have a better sex life with your lover? You must understand that sex life is much more interesting if it involves more intimacy and utmost sexual satisfaction. You have to admit it that as time passes by, you and your partner are not that as excited and hot as you were when you first met. But this is just natural. Sexual drive really tends to fade away for several reasons. So if you are disappointed with your sex life, and you want to rekindle the old flame that you and your lover used to have, don’t look further for this article will show you how.

Here are some helpful tips on how you can reignite that eternal flame you and your partner used to have in bed.

1. Try to have some variety. This means that you need to make some changes on your sex life. Remember variety will make your partner look forward to another hot lovemaking moment with you. Try different sex positions with your lover. Variety in sex positions or styles can really improve your sex life. Or you could also try having sex in different places. This will surely inject not only the fire in you, but it will also make your lovemaking more fun and exciting. Or if you want, you could do something extraordinary together like role playing, watching horror movie, or a taking a holiday getaway in unusual places.

2. Set the mood in your bedroom. To create a bedroom that is conducive to great lovemaking, you could change the lighting in your room. Go for a romantic tone of lighting to set the mood of your bedroom on fire. You may also light some candles for a more romantic atmosphere. Also another way to enhance your sex life better is to get a nice pair of bed sheets so the room will look more inviting for lovemaking.

3. Have time for sex. Because of the hectic schedule of living in this modern society, some couples end up being not intimate and romantic anymore. Their sex life tends to grow weaker because of several factors. But you can still have a great sex life ahead of you and your partner if you just set a scheduling for sex. This can be done by making some romantic gestures or by sending intimate text messages to your partner before you meet up. Having a shower together or giving each other a massage is also a great way to keep your sex life healthy and sizzling on fire. Setting a schedule for your lovemaking sessions is also important for it means that you both take the time to spice up your sex life.

4. Have some warm-up. Another way to make sure that your sex life is always on fire is to have some warm-up with your partner. What does it mean? It means that you have to set an erotic mood first so you and your partner can have better sexual drive and of course, a better sex life in general. This can be done by spending a romantic dinner with your lover in the bedroom. You can also bubble bath together to make it more intimate.

All in all, having a great sex life involves hard work and effort between you and your partner. So, make sure you follow the tips mentioned above in order to rekindle the fire in your sex life.

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Spice Up Your Sex Life and Set it on Fire

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Spice Up Your Sex Life and Set it on Fire

Posted on 23 February 2012 by admin

4 Secrets to Spice Up Your Sex Life and Set it on Fire

Spice Up Your Sex LifeIn married life, couples are most likely to experience some kind of difficulties along the way. Suddenly, the used to be smooth-sailing relationship has turned into a nightmare. The need and enthusiasm for sex just fade out all of a sudden. Are you wondering why this is happening to your marriage? One of the reasons for this could be because you and your partner do not make love anymore. Now you are confused and you don’t know how to solve this problem.

You should face it. You need help to spice up your sex life. There are some things that you need to know and learn in order to effectively spice up your sex life, and ultimately, to save the failing marriage. You must understand that sex is not something that you have to shun. In fact, sex plays an essential factor in the overall health and success of any marriage. If you would like to be sure that your relationship with your partner will last for a lifetime, you must be willing to do anything to spice up your sex life. You have to ensure that your sex life will stay as stimulating and fresh like it was before.

Here are some of the fundamental things that you have to take into account in order to spice up your sex life.

1. Location – One of the suggested ways to spice up your sex life is to have some variation in location. Making love in the bedroom is not always good. It may turn out to be boring later on, when you always do it on bed. To ignite the sexual heat and excitement of your partner, you should try to have sex in different locations like in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, at the stairs, inside the car, etc. By this means, you can improve and spice up your sex life.

2. Timing – There is no such thing as perfect timing when having sex. It would be more exciting and fun if you make love in unexpected timings such as early in the morning before leaving for work or during lunch break. Having a short quickie at times with your lover is also an effective way to spice up your sex life.

3. Position – To avoid boredom or monotony in your sex life, make sure you try out new positions as much as possible. Doing the same position over and over again can get a little bit boring after some time. So, to spice up your sex life, always try new positions. It is important to practice variety in your sex life.

4. Wear something hot and sexy. – One of the best ways to spice up your sex life is to wear something sexy in bed. Try wearing sexy lingerie so that your partner will be turned on. And when he or she’s turned on, that’s when you both get utmost sexual satisfaction. Sex is a kind of pleasure. That’s why you need to ensure that you and your partner get the satisfaction you want in bed. Wearing sexy clothes, especially lingerie can really spice up your sex life.

Make your sex life as interesting as possible so that you will have a healthy relationship. Sex is an important ingredient in any relationship that makes it healthy and complete. So, spice up your sex life now before it is too late to save your relationship or marriage.

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Sweet an’ Spicy Valentine’s Day Gifts and Ideas

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Sweet an’ Spicy Valentine’s Day Gifts and Ideas

Posted on 13 February 2012 by Sweet an Spicy Admin

Sweet an’ Spicy Valentine’s Day Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Sweet ‘an Spicy has all the best gifts and enticements in stock to ensure you have a romantic holiday. Check out the Valentines and Romance section for sensual gifts and kits. We’ve also created a list of sexy ideas that will make sure your special someone has something extraordinary to talk about…if they dare.

After a light, yet satisfying dinner, start the evening’s activities with soft and lingering foreplay. All too often we jump right to the good stuff and skip the heart throbbing and excitement building foreplay. To make sure this Valentine’s Day is memorable, don’t underestimate the importance of warming up, making your lover feel special and, most importantly, ablaze with passion. Then slow things down a bit while keeping the mood alive by taking a warm bath. Set the scene for romance by outlining the tub with flowers, petals, candles, and soft music in the background. Make sure to select sweet smelling additions such as bubble bath, soaps, and lotions. If your tub abides, take a relaxing bath together, or pace yourself by gently bathing your lover with tantalizing caresses. Dim the lights and enjoy the beauty of simple nudity. What’s more perfect after a sensual warm bath? A tension wrangling massage using scented or warming massage oils. Start at the top and work your way to the toes with a massage and oils.

Now that you and your partner are nice and ready for the fun that’s about to begin, think twice before rushing to your usual favorite location. Change up your normal routine by choosing a new location. Now that’s original, exciting, and unexpected! Whether you want to dirty up the kitchen table, get working in the office, or bare it all in the garden, a new location may be just the spark you need to unleash a sudden burst of sexual energy. Not only is a new location energizing, it’s also memorable. Now that you’ve sufficiently warmed up, and sealed your lover’s attention, be sure to engage all 5 senses for total body action.

Engage all your sense by taking turns feeding each other using your bodies as sumptuous dessert plates, or as edible works of art. Blindfolding is another great way engage the senses by allowing your partner to feel their way around mountains of pillows, and piles of sheets, to sultry kisses. Remember to guide your lover to sweet spots of pleasure by encouraging fingers and mouths to explore. If your partner is willing, loving tie them up with furry cuffs, silky scarves, or leather straps. Many lovers enjoy the feeling of gentle domination, and with hands tied, this is the perfect opportunity to show just how much you worship your partner. As a contrast to heavy bodies pressed together, incorporate a delicate feather for tickling. Tease each other by finding your ticklish side and balance between the fine line of giggles and arousal.

A wonderful way to show a woman what kind of lingerie you like is to buy some for her. If you’re not sure what size to buy then take a peak at her bra size, shirt size, or jean size before selecting your lover’s erotic wear. She’ll appreciate the effort and enjoy seeing what you find sexy. A doting partner will relish the opportunity to model your gift complete with stockings and temptress high heels.


Great gifts for Valentine’s Day and Romance

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Sexy Lingerie will Drive Your Partner Wild

Posted on 12 November 2011 by Sweet an Spicy Admin

Learn How Using Sexy Lingerie will Drive Your Partner Wild

Do you feel that the burning passion you once shared with your partner is slowly dying? Well, don’t give up just yet and let everything fall apart. Often all that is needed to rekindle your sex life is to introduce something new.  And this “something new” to help you spice things up in the bedroom is a naughty piece of sexy lingerie.  

Sexy Lingerie will Drive Your Partner WildMen are visual creatures

Wearing seductive lingerie in the bedroom will without a doubt transform your sexual relationship as well as giving you more confidence.  Seeing their partner in sexy lingerie works as a sexual appetizer for men; a form of prelude to lovemaking. Many items of lingerie are created solely for the purpose of seducing and arousing your partner.  These garments are made to be shared in the privacy of your own home and will help to fulfill your partner’ sexual fantasies.   Making your lover’s fantasies come true, will make him ache for you and have him at your knees!  

What turns him on sexually?

When choosing sexy lingerie, one of the most important things that you must consider is the type of lingerie that your partner wants.  Try and find out what he likes without asking him directly.  Does silk underwear or ruffled women’s underwear turns him on? Do fishnet thigh high stockings or crotchless knickers make him go weak at the knees? If he is hesitant about revealing his deepest sexual thoughts, you can’t go wrong with items such as lacy women’s underwear, stockings and agarter belt.   Of course, to put him in the mood, don’t just wear your sexy lingerie and abruptly lie on the bed without initiating some exciting things with your partner, like caressing each other or having some sexy chats beforehand.  

Drive him wildSexy Lingerie will Drive Your Partner Wild

The trick in totally driving your partner wild is to show him how you can confidently display your curves and own his undivided attention with your sexual power. Try to do suggestive moves such as subtly letting him peek at your silk underwear, suck your fingers while looking at him, make him unsnap your garter belt or even better let him watch as you slowly peel down your stockings.  Think of your sexy lingerie as something that wraps a sensual gift to be delivered specially to your partner.  He will definitely appreciate your efforts and will reward you later with fireworks between the sheets!  

A win-win situation

By putting your love life back on track you will also feel a deeper emotional connection to your partner.  Being able to wear garments that highlight your sexual femininity is something that you should be proud of. Always be open to explore new things and above all be proud of your body!  

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Easy Tips to Spice Up Your Love Life

Posted on 01 November 2011 by Sweet an Spicy Admin

Easy Tips to Spice Up Your Love Life and Reconnect With Your PartnerSweet an' Spicy Lingerie and Adult Toys

Are you looking to spice up your love life or mix things up from the ordinary-Want to make it extraordinary? Imagine a typical day when the “right” moment arrives and you’ve finally put the kids to sleep, you’ve freshened up and slipped into something more comfortable, i.e. sexy, and then your excitement dwindles at the thought of the same old bedroom routine. Sure it works just fine, or maybe it could actually use some improvement, but it’s the same thing again and again. Sounds like you need to invigorate the romance in your relationship. A sizzling sex life is possible and can be just around the corner with these surprisingly easy suggestions. Begin racking up the rewards of reconnection when you rekindle that loving feeling. Start by keeping this list handy to ensure you get the best of your efforts.

  • Share a fantasy
  • Make a date night
  • Get busy anywhere but your bed
  • Try spontaneous hugging
  • Use the past as an aphrodisiac
  • Stop focusing on the big O
  • Surprise him in the shower
  • Type up a turn-on
  • Build anticipation
  • Recreate your first dates
  • Break your patterns
  • Get book smart
  • Ignore the clock
  • Get him in a lip lock

Remember, everyday intimate gestures are essential for a maintaining a thrilling and lively sex life.

The monotony from every day life can quickly cause boredom to set in. Most often the boredom from everyday monotony manifest itself in the bedroom with humdrum and indifferent sex. You have already experienced feeling too tired for sex or not excited for the predictable routine and standard positions. Maybe you’re just too exhausted after a long day’s work to muster the energy to get romantic and connect with your partner. One of the most important steps you can take to improve your love life, and even your relationship, is to show some initiative and work diligently to keep an open mind.

As you and your partner take more time to rebuild the romantic spark in the bedroom, one great way to be more adventuresome and creative is to indulge a fantasy or secret pleasure. The ideas and excitement are endless when it comes to fulfilling each other’s fantasies and pleasures. It’s new, it’s exciting, and it’s thrilling to open yourself up to your partner, while also helping them achieve their intimate desires. As long as your fantasy isn’t too extreme, it’s very likely you’ll be surprised at how willing your partner is to support your desires and spice up those intimate moments. f this is a new experience for you and you feel a little intimidated or silly about sharing your secret pleasure, then try writing it down and ask your partner to do the same. Plan a special time for a fantasy-filled weekend when you can devote attention to each other’s intimate pleasures and desires.

Two people who are dedicated to improving their love life are sure to find great reward if they keep this list of easy tips handy and strive to keep and open mind. You know it’s your time to branch out from the ordinary and experience the true potential of an extraordinary love life.

Want more great ideas on how to spice up your love life? Go to Sweet An’ Spicy

Pam Halligan-Sims

Sweet An’ Spicy making fantasy a reality.

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